A LONG Journey!!

The count down to Australia started in October when I found out I was going on this trip, throughout the spring semester we spent preparing. Once May came around it was so close to leaving but also a crazy time with finals, graduation, and packing up my apartment in Potsdam to bring home, then pack for Australia. The day before we left all I did was pack and unpack and repack to make sure I had everything and try to slim things down a bit. I was very wrong when I thought that was the difficult part of the trip… that part was yet to come.

Hands down the most tiring and long part of this trip has been the bus ride and three plane rides to get to Cairns Australia. The flight from Montreal to Vancouver was a bit longer than expected but, flying over the Rocky Mountains was breath taking. The second flight was the longest from Vancouver to Brisbane, I have never been on a flight as long as the one from Montreal to Vancouver, now I was staring at a 14 hour plus hour flight.

It honestly wasn’t the worse flight ever, I slept for a good 8 hours of it with some help from Benadryl.

However, there was one thing that drove me crazy and that was on the plane there were controls for the TV’s on the arm rests that were easy to hit and kept turning off the screen or increasing the volume.

Aside from that, we arrived safely in Brisbane and through customs which was a little crazy! Finally, we got on our last flight to Cairns, stepping off the plane into the Cairns airport was the best feeling every, it meant we were done flying for a few days at least!

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