We aren't in New York anymore...

On Monday morning I left my house just outside of Syracuse, NY to travel to Clarkson. This ride, as usual, was long and pretty boring. My mom drove me up because she didn’t want me to leave my car on campus for the nearly three weeks that I’d be gone.

From Clarkson we would be taking a chartered bus up to Montreal for our flight. On the way there, everyone was excited and talking eagerly about the trip. The best part of that ride was when Mike pointed out a high school just off the highway in Canada where “Blue Mountain State” was filmed. I had no idea it was filmed there but once he said it, the football field looked just like the one in the show.

The flight from Montreal to Vancouver was pretty typical. I had a middle seat so that was unfortunate but the guys I was sitting next to were pleasant and easy to speak with. The views from that plane ride were amazing and we got to see the beautiful snow capped Rocky Mountains.

In Vancouver we had a layover that lasted for several hours but we ate food from A&W and passed the time rather quickly. We were all excited for the trip but the idea of a flight lasting around 14 hours was daunting. Finally, we boarded the plane and took off for Brisbane. We ate the typical airline food for three different meals. It wasn’t fantastic but much better than I expected. I was relieved to find that I had an empty seat between the other student who I sat with, so we had spacious leg room. With a combination of sleeping for 6 hours, watching two movies, and playing games on my phone, the flight passed by and we were landing in Brisbane.

The layover in Brisbane was a short one so we didn’t have time to mess around. We got through security and I immediately went and washed my face to freshen up. In my opinion, the flight from Brisbane to Cairns, despite being a short flight, was the worst of all three. By this point we all just wanted to be there so we could get this trip started. I’m sure the city of Cairns will hold many surprises and adventures.

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