Cairns: Prawn Stars, Tjapukai and The Great Barrier Reef!

Once, we landed in Cairns it really hit me we are in Australia. It was a beautiful city surrounded by lushes’ green mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The first evening in Cairns was a free evening, the woman in reception at the condos recommended a place called Prawn Stars, she said it was the best place to get food. So we all decided to go there for dinner, little did we know it was only a small fishing boat not a large boat with more of a restaurant feel to it that we all thought it was going to be. The two women on the boat were very accommodating, we fit all 15 of us around the table using the two benches and a few ice chests as seats. The food was amazing, we ate 3 kilos of prawns and left very satisfied and with an amazing experience.

The following day Thursday the 18th, we went to an Aboriginal Village. To sum up this experience it was one of a kind, our guide took us through an entire expanse of their history and how the Aboriginal people are constantly try to move forward within society, while still holding onto their culture and teaching others about it as well. While at the village we learned about their ‘dream time’, the underground stoves, dancing, how to throw a boomerang and a spear, and so much more. My favorite part was the dancing, their dances tell a story of their ancestors to preparing for a kangaroo hunt. It was overall an amazing experience to see how the Tjapukai people embrace their culture and share it with visitors from around the world.

On our final full day in Cairns we went out to the Great Barrier Reef to snorkel and scuba dive! I was able to mark off an item from my bucket list on this one, I went scuba diving on the Reef! Even though visibility was not the greatest and it was a cloudy day out, I saw several Clown Fish, a giant clam, an Angle Fish, and so many other fish that I do not know the names to. I did not want to come up from the dive, I could have stayed there all day long just exploring! At the end of our stay in Cairns, it felt to short there was so much more to see and do, but it is on to Melbourne, to see and experience a different pace of life.

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