Our Visit to Cairns

Upon our arrival to Cairns, the first thing I noticed was the wave of hot and humid air that hit me in the face when I stepped outside of the airport. It was a little over 80’F and the air had a tropical feel to it.

We loaded up our transport bus with our luggage and went directly to the apartments that we would be staying in. The apartments had a beautiful view of the ocean and had a very modern and aesthetically pleasing style to them. After grocery shopping, our group, minus the Ormsbee’s, set out to explore the city and find some food. We ended up down by the docks where a small fishing boat had set up a seafood restaurant. Everyone in the group feasted on large prawns that had been caught locally.

For the next few hours we explored the city and shopped in some stores and spoke to some of the locals about the best places to eat in the

On our second day in Cairns, we visited the Tjupukai Aboriginal sight, which I thought was very interesting and fun. Our tour guides painted our faces like Aboriginals and we watched them dance and pay instruments, like the Didereedoo. My favorite part was when we were taught how to throw spears and boomerangs.

For the rest of that trip we painted boomerangs and ate some lunch. At lunch, I tried kangaroo for the first time and I was not a fan of it. Later that evening we got dinner at a local restaurant and spent more time exploring the city.

Our third day in Cairns was spent out on the Great Barrier Reef where we could snorkel or scuba dive. Conveniently, a storm had hit the area the night before was the water was rough and had little visibility. I quickly learned that snorkeling was not something I ever want to do again. One panic attack and near-drowning experience later, I was back on the boat. Words cannot describe how happy I was to be on the boat.

Before we loaded on to the plane bound for Melbourne, our entire group had one huge breakfast together to try and use up whatever food we had left. The meal was a success and we then headed straight to the airport.

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