We are in Cairns!!

Arriving in Cairns was one of the most refreshing experiences of my life. It was almost like getting off a plane in Florida but more mountainy and exotic. The bus was an experience. We do not have buses like that in America. When the bus pulled up to the apartment I was not sure what to expect but I was definitely surprised. When I opened the door, and walked inside I was astonished to see an ocean view, that’s when I knew this place couldn’t be that bad.

Later that night, the group ventured out to find somewhere to eat, Sierra had mentioned that the lady at the front desk had mentioned a boat in the marina called Prawn Star (not to be confused with Porn Star!). We set out to find this place by following the pier to the marina.

We saw a tiny boat attached to the dock and we had realized that was our destination. After humming and hawing about if we were all going to fit we decided to give it a good old college try. The waitresses and cooks were very accommodating and giving us coolers and buckets as chairs, and were very excited to serve us. We got three orders of prawns to split between everyone and got a round of $5 beers and a wine for me. Overall the Prawn Star was amazing and a great find for next year trip.

The following days involved typical tourist events. These events included touristy bars, getting lost in the city, holding a koala, and being awkwardly inexperienced scuba divers. Cairns was phenomenal city to visit and wish we could have stayed longer, but new and exciting things await us in Melbourne and Sydney.

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