Beautiful Cairns

Flying into Cairns was absolutely beautiful. Between the beautiful blue ocean water and the lush rainforest, I was in awe. As we opened our door to our hotel room, we could not have asked for a more amazing room. It was four bedrooms and a huge balcony over looking the bay.

As we started to settle down, four of us went to the grocery store to get breakfast food for the time we were there. That alone was an experience due to the struggle of trying to find the grocery store and walking through the rain and humidity. The milk section was the most challenging and we had to have a local tell us the difference between the original, creamy, lite, skim, and full cream.

On our walk back to the hotel we found a sign with a bat on it, not think much of it or the smell. Once we reached the large tree, we looked up and saw over 200 bats hanging. It was the most weird and amazing thing I have seen. At that moment is when it hit me that I was in Australia.

In order to find the place to eat the first night, we went to the front desk and asked about the one place to go, if we were here for a night. That is when she directed us to the Prawn Star located in the marina. As we began our trek, none of us knew how amazing that first meal would be. 3 kilos of prawns on this little boat, all 15 of us squished at a table with some on ice chests. I will never forget that meal for the rest of my life.

The next two days we experienced the Aboriginal Village and the Great Barrier Reef. At the Aboriginal village we learned about the history and culture of the people, as well as throwing boomerangs and spears! At the Great Barrier Reef we had a little different experience than expected. The weather was not in our favor, but I would nit have changed it for the world. The water was warm and the fish were abundant.

To finish up the trip in Cairns, some of us decided to check out the local club, Woolshed. They are known for the dancing on the tables and wet t-shirt Wednesday… Thankfully we were there on a Friday when ladies received free glasses of champagne. It was a great night out to finish up the stay at Cairns!


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