Just 3 Days in Cairns

So far, we have flown for more than a day halfway across the world but for the where we are it was completely worth it with everything we have seen in the past three days. So far, we have been able to peak into the Aboriginal culture and experience the largest organism alive which was the Great Barrier Reef.

On Thursday, we went and experienced the Aboriginal culture at the Tjapukai, as soon as we walked in we had our face painted with line and dots that represent different things among their culture. Throughout the day, we were given mini presentations about what they eat, the medicine they use from the forest, their weapons which include boomerangs and spears (many of us killed a couple of trees with the spears and were called vegetarians), their ancestry, and the laws that were established to protect the Aboriginal and the most important political event that occurred for them was in 2008 called “The Apology”.

On Friday, even though it was a cruddy day we made the best out of it and saw things that

you can only dream of on the Great Barrier. Several of us were able to have the opportunity to go scuba diving and were able to see the organism up close and personal and that was utterly breath taking. You had fish swimming in schools right above your head and you had little Nemo going in out of his sea anemones, and one of the clams if your swooshed your hand above it, it would close and make little bubbles. We also were able to see Gil and rainbow fishy. We also could go snorkeling above the Great Barrier and even that was unbelievable you could swim with the fish because they were not bothered by humans. However, snorkeling as we found out takes a lot of you, we were out about 100 to 120 feet and all we wanted to do was give up instead of coming back to the boat because the boat seemed further and further away and the waves seemed bigger and bigger. It also didn’t help that our instructors told us that this was the worst day that they have ever taken a boat out in, but we still made the best of it.

During one of our free nights in Cairns we had the opportunity to hold the koalas which was honestly the best thing I have ever done. Currently now I may have a slight obsession with koalas by trying to steal one and bring it to the US, but I suppose that I won’t because it may be just illegal. However, out of the city of Cairns I would say holding the koala honestly made my day amazing and I would most definitely pay $25 again to hold her.

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