Arriving at the hotel it was rainy, and a bit cloudy but we were in Australia so the first thing I did was go down to the pool. Me and a couple of the girls got a few weird stares from the locals, but this was summer weather for me. After everyone showered and felt the cleanest they had in a couple days, I texted one of the boys that I knew previously and we joined the groups to make plans for dinner. Sierra had asked the lady at the front desk of any good local places to eat and she told us about the Prawn Star. It was a small boat down at the docks that sold fresh seafood daily. Not really knowing anything else around us we went there.

Walking down to the docks I was looking for a big boat with indoor seating, and a couple of tables. I was surprised when I saw that the boat was basically just a fishing boat with a canopy over one long table. I wasn’t sure if the whole group of fifteen was going to fit but we made it work. The group just ended up buying a long tray of prawns and some beer to share. The prawns were so fresh and the beer was very refreshing, and ironically became the beer of choice for the rest of the times in Cairns. After dinner we explored the local shops and bars that we would return to the next couple of nights. After the long journey, and the early wake up for the next morning, we all were exhausted and went to bed rather early.

The next morning we all headed out for the Aboriginal village tour. The first thing I did was the last thing I expected to do, getting my face painted. The day started off with a couple of historical videos and re-enactments that taught us about their history and culture. These were followed by activities such as spear throwing, boomerang painting, boomerang throwing, and a presentation on how the aboriginals used different plants as medicine and food. Overall, I learned a lot about the aboriginal culture and some history of Australia.

The following day I woke up early to attend the Great Barrier Reef Diving trip. This was one of the activities that I was most excited for on the trip. Looking outside, the sky was grey and the weather forecast was calling for rain, but the boat was still going out for the day. The water was rougher than usual but I was still looking forward to Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef. As my turn to go was approaching I was a little nervous due to the huge waves, but that was not going to stop me from doing something that is so unique. When finally underwater, and all the nerves had passed, the experience was unbelievable. I was able to see clown fish, coral, and bunch of other colorful fish. After this experience I will definitely be receiving my scuba diving certification. On the tour I was also able to snorkel as well as see some great views.

After all the excitement we all went to dinner at a local restaurant and was told about a club upstairs. After checking a few different spots in town we went back to the club to find mostly everyone that we had Scuba dove with that day. The next morning, the weather was sunny and 75 which made it hard to say goodbye. However, I was excited to see what Melbourne had to offer and to explore the city.

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