Hanging Out in Cairns

After arriving at the apartments that we were staying at in Cairns, we were amazed at how luxurious they were. But when we went up to check in with the girls on the fourth floor, we were blown away at the views from their balcony that overlooked the ocean and surrounding tropical mountain sides. You can guess where the group hung out for the entirety our time in Cairns.

On our first night, we all went out and explored the city. We all decided that what better way to celebrate making it to Australia that we have some local seafood caught from the area. We stumbled on to a boat/restaurant named the Prawn Star, which goes out and catches prawns (big shrimp) and other seafood in the morning and serves it on the boat for dinner. We ordered 3 kgs of prawns and some local beer and had a traditional seafood feast. After dinner, we set off around town looking at shops, restaurants, and activities to do in the area. We ended the night by going to a small pub followed by hanging out on the balcony of the girls’ apartment.

The next day we went to the Tjapukai Aboriginal Culture Center. They covered a variety of different things with us such as face painting, dancing, weapons, history, foods, and stories of their horrific past. Overall I thought that experience was very interesting and changed the way I look at different cultures.

The following day we went scuba diving, and let me tell you that was an experience to remember. From Caleb forgetting how to swim/breath when in the water, to the 30 knot winds and 5 foot waves, the Great Barrier Reef did not disappoint. Although the visibility wasn’t ideal, and the weather conditions were way less than optimal, that experience is one that I will stay with me for years to come.

Cairns was an amazing city, and a city that I will be returning to in the future. It is safe to say that the few short days we spent there was a great way to start of this journey.

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