Cairns is Amazing!!

Prawns anyone?

Cairns is amazing! There is just no other way to put it. For those who don’t know the area, Cairns is a small resort town with a tropical mountainous rainforest type of climate located on the north-east coast of Australia. While I definitely would have appreciated more sunny days (of course the day we left was the only completely sunny day!), the “rain” (quotes because the rain we got there was a only a sprinkle at most) would come in and leave just as quick. To celebrate getting to Australia, we ended up eating our first dinner of way too many prawns on a boat affectionately called Prawn Star. Pun aside, the food was great and the jokes and times had were an excellent contrast to the series of flights before.

The next day was our trip to the Tjapukai Aboriginal Village for a cultural tour. We first had our faces painted to a traditional male or female based aboriginal face paint, and were then given multiple presentations on their dance, songs and history. We got to sample food – including kangaroo (which tastes like a slightly sweeter venison) and got to practice using hunting tools like boomerangs and spear throwers. I learned through this experience many things listed here, as well as I am a very poor hunter. My boomerang throwing was poor at best and on my first attempt I tried to throw the spear way too hard and nearly hit somebody with the spear-thrower!

This is two of our Tjapukai Aboriginal Guides demonstrating a traditional fire-pit.

Our last full day in Cairns had us take a boat ride to the famous Great Barrier Reef. Its amazing that we probably chose the worst possible day that week to do this. The wind was rough and the rain was coming down. The boat ride, though bumpy due to the choppy waters was made into a fun roller-coaster type ride thanks to sea-sickness pills. From rumors, we weren’t even supposed to go but I guess the sheer numbers and the quality of the water being just slightly bearable made for the reason as to why we went.

Thank goodness we did. I had a blast and got to see some pretty beautiful sights. The choppy waters made seeing the reef snorkeling while not to ingesting more saltwater than air impossible, but it also provided a funny moment at the expense of one of our group, who I will not name for his sake. Regardless of the weather, I at least enjoyed myself and getting to say I saw and swam in the reef is a great thing to be able to say.

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