A City With A Personality

Oh boy, where do I even begin with Melbourne? I don’t think I have ever seen a city with as much of a personality as Melbourne. It reminded me and some of the others in the group of a combination of multiple North American Cities: The mix of old and new architecture of Chicago, the locals and atmosphere of Montreal, and the trams and bustle of San Francisco.

The first night I went out with Corey and Herbie to explore the city and find some cool spots, and we quickly came to realize that even if we lived in Melbourne, we would need ten lifetimes to experience everything that the city had to offer, on every corner there seemed to be some crazy looking bar or place to stop and have a good time. The city always seems to feel busy and full of a ridiculous amount of energy.

In the morning everyone was running to work, the lunch rush, the bar crawl in the later hours, a majority of the people always seemed to be kind and in a good mood, of course there were a few exceptions, but there always are.

Of all the company visits, I think KPMG made the best impression on the majority of us, they seem to play to win. Not only were the pitches and presentations incredibly interesting, but they gave us some great food and let us play around with their VR headset, and gave us a tour of their incredibly progressive offices.

Other than that, I think we all had fun on the Old Melbourne Gaol tour. It didn’t matter whether or not we believed in the ghost stories that the man was telling us, you could really get a sense of the atmosphere and history that had transpired in that old building, and if there was ever a building that looked like it could be haunted, it was that one. Carleton Brewhouse was great as well, it was incredibly informative and interesting to see where and how beer is mad.

Above all else the most fun experience was definitely the Great Ocean Road Tour, getting the chance to see the Twelve Apostles in all their glory was a life-changing experience. It felt strange to see them in person, it felt like I was staring at a picture because it did not compare with anything else I have ever seen before.

For anyone visiting Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road Tour is a must!


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