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After our departure from Cairns, I was very skeptical on how Melbourne would stack up. After settling in the first day to our new apartment, the exploration of the city began.

Four words….The Great Ocean Road Tour. I will forever remember those words and the experience that came along with it. We left at 7:30 in the morning and returned around 7:15 at night, but I would not change a thing.

Due to a marathon on the road that day we had to do the reverse tour. Meaning a two-hour drive inland and the first stop was the 12 Apostles and end at Surf Beach Drive in Torquay. The Apostles were absolutely breathtaking. No matter how professional the photo may be, in person will be a million times better. It was most likely a once in a lifetime view and I enjoyed every second. The drive from Apollo Bay to the campground with the Koalas was interesting to say the least. It felt like the driver was taking the corners on two wheels at 80 km.

Throughout the stops we were able to see Koalas in their natural habitat as well as close to 35 kangaroos grazing on a golf course! To top this amazing day trip off, we sat on the beach eating free pizza and enjoying the sunset in a small town where most well known surf brands were born.

When it came to the business trip in Melbourne we visited IBM, KPMG, U.S. Consulate, Monash University, and Toyota. All were very interesting to visit and see how similar of different their operations were compared to my experiences in the U.S. KPMG and IBM have both switched to the agile workplace setting recently and it was neat to be able to compare it to my experience in AT&T’s version in the States. All the business visits gave me a better perspective on what that company does and how the international interactions take place throughout all areas of a company.

In the end, Melbourne was a city filled with beautiful cites, friendly people, and amazing business opportunities. No wonder it is one of the most livable cities in the world.


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