We Are In Melbourne

Once we arrived in Melbourne we went to get lunch/dinner. We found a little Irish Pub where they were not expecting 15 people to come in and eat (we were looked at a tad funny). The food was absolutely amazing and the service was even better.

The following day we did the Great Ocean Road tour and if you're ever in Australia then you must attend that tour. You will be able to find some of the Windows screen savers and your jaw will drop at every stop you see.

The company that we started with was IBM and we walked in and were already amazed with how open the floor was. They said that the difference with the normal cubicle style and the current style have helped the company collaborate much more within their teams. We then had a meeting with one of the executives that have been with the company for several years and traveled around to several different countries as well. She explained how Watson has been impacting our culture and society across the world she explained how it is being integrated within the hospitals. For example, doctors insert the symptoms into the computer and the percentage of each disease that Watson has related to the symptoms come out and from there doctors are able to use their knowledge to pick out the particular disease that it. She then answered questions about what problems they are currently trying to overcame with integrating Watson into our culture. They believe that within a short while that society will accept Watson for their day to day activities.

The following company that we looked at was Toyota in which we went on a tour of the plant to see how they build and compose cars that they produce. The plant that we visited is closing in October and the company is laying off many of their current employees. However, the company took the initiative to help the employees that will be losing their job to help them find a new job or new passion.

After the Toyota visit we went to Monash University and was paired up with one Clarkson student and one Monash student. We did a currency trading simulation in the STARLab and we went and traded stocks with the bank we were assigned to. It was cool but it was a bit challenging when we were just thrown into it with no directions whereas the Monash students knew exactly how to use it.

The next large company that we visited was KPMG which had the same office style as IBM, however, it seemed that they were using the space that they had in some different ways. The view was absolutely gorgeous with windows everywhere throughout the floors. If I worked within that building I would honestly not be able to work and be enjoying the view too much. We heard from many executives that have been with the company for a very long time and some that have just started recently. The employees that had been with them for a while talked about the conversion from the old style to the new open style and how they were impacted with the new style.


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