A long and somewhat arduous journey... bet we are here in Australia!!

Well, here we are! Sydney, Australia! But, we didn't get here easily this time!

After an amazing week in Bangkok, we departed for Singapore for our "layover day". Little did we know, now were we informed that our flight to Sydney, which was supposed to leave at around 11 p.m. was cancelled some time earlier in the day! We discovered this on our way to check in. We had been booked on a flight to Sydney that left around 8 p.m., but we missed that window as we were out exploring the city.

To the airline's credit, they were able to re-book all 16 of us onto a flight that left around 1 a.m. to Melbourne, and then a connecting flight to Sydney. In the end, we lost about 4 hours on the ground in Sydney, but we are here - and - bonus - we can say we were in another city in Australia!

On our descent into Sydney, the pilot told us is was 38 Celsius (about 102 Fahrenheit)!! And here we thought Bangkok and Singapore were going to be the hot locations! Fortunately, we were able to get a bus service to bring us to the hotel pretty quickly. After checking in, some went over to Bondi Beach to experience one of the most iconic beaches in the world. Several of us took a ferry from Darling Harbor over the Circular Quay to get our first look at the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. I have been here many times and seen these icons countless times, but they still make you take pause at the amazing ability of mankind to build cool stuff!

After our quick jaunt to the Opera House, we split up to grab some dinner and then met back to get breakfast food for the week. I suspect most people had an early night – that was a LONG day of travel.

On the docket for today is the ANZ Olympic Stadium tour, followed by our world=famous scavenger hunt… Immediately following that we will class it up a little for our tour of The Sydney Opera House and then a group dinner at Pyrmont Bridge Hotel where we will judge the results of the scavenger hunt and award prizes for their efforts (and feed them!!)…

Stay tuned for some pictures from today!!

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