Full Day #2 is in the books... an amazing - and apparently exhausting day...

Our day started very early... we attended a breakfast event titled "The Science Behind Leadership", presented by Suzi Skinner (author and executive coach) and sponsored by AmCham - the American Chamber of Commerce here in Sydney.

Managed by Robert Hossary (who we have a meeting with on Wednesday), this organization's mission is to promote business networking and facilitate business growth among US and Australia firms.

Our group was somewhat of novelty and we were introduced to the rest of the attendees - we filled up 2 full tables at the event! The breakfast was awesome!

We had the chance to meet and chat with Suzi after the presentation. We each also received a copy of her latest book titled "Build Your Leader Identity"... What a great opportunity for the students!

From there, it was a quick train ride back to the hotel for a "Superman" style change of clothes and on to our next visit with Mr. Ben Thompson, Founder and CEO of the Employment Innovations Group.

This man is a true visionary leader - a perfect follow-up to the morning presentation we attended. Mr. Thompson spent over an hour talking with the students about a variety of topics. I have visited Ben's organization every single time I have come to Australia - and he always invites us back! Many thanks to Clarkson Trustee Amy Castronova for making the intro between Ben and myself 6 years ago when I made my first trip here!

After our meeting with Mr. Thompson, we had about 90 minutes for a lunch break and then it was off to the MacQuarie University campus to visit CoChlear - the makers of the CoChlear Hearing Implants. A great tour o their production facility and a talk on the company's history and the evolution of these amazing products.

From there it was a half hour train ride home and a free night. Tomorrow is another busy day so check back! And tomorrow night I will receive the first of the student blog posts - check back for those... they will likely be better than mine!!

Last, apparently, we wore Lauren Nolan and Tara McTamaney out - either that or they spent all their energy being all "gangsta" and "bad-ass' yesterday during the scavenger hunt...

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