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Australia has been a wonderful experience so far. After arriving to the airport on Sunday evening, we raced to Bondi Beach to catch what was left of the beautiful day. Bondi Beach was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been too and I wish we had more time there.

On Monday we toured ANZ Stadium and then headed out to do our scavenger hunt around Sydney. I enjoyed the scavenger hunt because it allowed me to explore parts of Sydney I wouldn’t have otherwise. Walking around Sydney was absolutely beautiful and I loved the variety of parks and small restaurants scattered around by the water. In particular I really loved walking along the Pyrmont Bridge because it had the best view of the city skyline. After our scavenger hunt team, the “Wasted Wallabies” took their best shot at the scavenger hunt we all met up at the Sydney Opera House for another tour. The opera house was a really cool experience and I really enjoyed walking around and admiring the beautiful architecture.

The next day we woke up bright and early for our breakfast presentation with AmCham. I thought the presentation was really interesting and I loved the way the speaker described that leadership is something that everyone is capable of.

After the breakfast we walked over to Employment Innovations which was also a cool experience because we had the opportunity to learn more about employee culture as well as the laws surrounding the living wage.

To finish the day off we traveled to Cochlear, which was so interesting. We learned about how the hearing implants work and the delicate process that goes into making each one.After Cochlear we all headed to the beach to catch the last of the good weather before it started to rain.

On Wednesday we started the day off by going to American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham). At this meeting we had the chance to discuss differing aspects of business practices between the United States and Australia. During the meeting we talked about how Australians don’t really care about titles or hierarchical status like Americans, but instead are more easy going and care more about genuine authenticity.

Afterwards we traveled to IBM to speak with a guest speaker and several recent grads within the company. IBM was a valuable experience because I was able to talk to recent graduates who are struggling to find their place in the work force just like myself. I enjoyed hearing their perspective on goal setting and how to position yourself in a way that’s valuable. What resonated the most with me was when they explained that you should try to know everything there is to know about one thing, instead of trying to know everything about a lot of things. If you do this, you will be a much more competitive and invaluable individual as a result.

Finally, our last business meeting was with KPMG. KPMG was really interesting even though I didn’t initially know much about data analytics. My favorite part of the meeting was seeing how they used Google’s API platform to track customer data by converting speech to text.

Afterwards, we headed to the Haymarket Hotel for a steak dinner. The steak dinner was amazing and the best part was that it was only $14 AUD! Sydney has been amazing so far and I cannot believe it is already Thursday. I wish I could stay longer and enjoy it more!

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