"Tara" is happy to be in Sydney!

So far Sydney has been a wonderful place to visit with Professors Ormsbee and MacKinnon and our MBA program. Sydney is quite different from Bangkok, it is much more similar to the U.S. but still extremely different.

Our first day in Sydney was jam packed, we were fortunate enough to get a private tour of ANZ stadium which was the sight of the most profitable Olympic Games to date. We then were sent on a crazy scavenger hunt through the city where we were able to explore the botanical gardens as well as Darling Harbor. We also toured the Sydney Opera House.

On Tuesday I was able to attend a breakfast presented by AmCham, we were able to hear an incredible speech on leadership and how everyone can be a leader. This speech resonated with me very much, as this is a part of business that I know I struggle with.

We then got to visit employment innovations which does HR work for a number of companies. This is exactly what I see myself doing as a career so I was very fortunate to gain a veteran's advice.

The Cochlear Hearing Implant company tour was also very interesting and technologically mind blowing.

Wednesday was by far my favorite day of business visits that we have had thus far. I really enjoyed AmCham, as well as IBM. We then went to KPMG which I did not think I would enjoy at first. After hearing everyone talk and seeing how technologically advanced they were I was very impressed.

We then capped our day off with a wonderful steak dinner provided by Professors Ormsbee and MacKinnon . I have gotten a lot out of our business visits in Sydney. I really enjoy the lack of hierarchy in Sydney’s work culture as well as the overall laid back attitude. I really wish that America’s work culture was closer to Australia’s, it would make conducting business a lot easier and a lot more fun. I could see myself working and living in Sydney one day, which I will consider much more heavily. I hope to come back soon, and I will miss it very much.

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