"My favorite city ever...

Sydney has turned out to be one of my most favorite cities ever. There is so much diversity and acceptance flowing through the city that it could almost take your breath away. The people here are extremely friendly and helpful, and look out for one another at every chance they get.

I have gotten the opportunity to visit many businesses and have gained a lot of insight into my own career. I really like the style in which business is conducted here compared to the US, and compared to Thailand.

Coming from the US to Bangkok, and then Bangkok to Sydney was an interesting culture shock, but helped me gain many insights. People outside of the US seem to be much more thankful for what they have, and in return are much more humble and personable. I really liked this because it is very fitting with my personality, and the way that I see myself conducting business in the future.

We got the opportunity to visit the Blue Mountains, which despite the rain were beautiful. We had some wonderful hot chocolate as recommended by Professor MacKinnon, and took a crazy bus tour around Katoomba.

Professor Ormsbee also showed us some hidden gems throughout the city and taught us some valuable lessons about holding yourself to high standards. Our hotel was in a wonderful location close to yummy foods and LOTS of coffee. I would not trade this experience for the world, nor the people I was able to explore Sydney with. I am very thankful for the opportunity given to me by Clarkson and I look forward to returning here one day. I will never forget my time in Sydney, nor the people or places.

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