The travel to Australia was much quicker than expected!

The travel to Australia was much quicker than expected! As we arrived to Cheel arena and gathered with the rest of the group, it was evident that we were all very excited and ready to get on the road to start this trip. We boarded the bus and started for Canada, where our first flight was going to be leaving from. We successfully made it through crossing the Canadian border and before we knew it, we were at the airport getting our boarding passes! We soon found that traveling abroad is quite the process and a bunch of us walked around not having a clue as to what to do, but eventually we figured it out and made it through the airport security and onto our first flight from Montreal to Vancouver!

On this first flight we were amazed by the size of the airplane- I have never seen a plane this huge! We settled into our seats and left around 8pm. The flight was about 5 and a half hours long and consisted of lots of movies and deliberation about the most comfortable sleeping-while-flying position (my personal favorite is face down on the tray table). We eventually landed and had a smooth transition from this flight to our next- Vancouver to Sydney.

We boarded the same plane and started for the longest (and most dreaded) flight of all- the 14-and-a-half-hour flight from Vancouver to Sydney. We all had a great number of pillows, blankets, movies, and airplane food. I was surprised with all of the food and drinks provided in the flight! Within the first hour of the flight, I was already well on my way to sleeping and that continued for about 10 more hours! With the last 4.5 hours left in the flight I was increasingly more excited to land and get this trip started. I filled the time with movies and taking pictures out the airplane window.

Towards the end of the flight we were handed cards to fill out for customs and all of us in the back of the plane started waking up and talking to make sure we had all of the right information. We finally landed in Sydney and we were all very excited to stand and stretch our legs before customs and then the final flight- Sydney to Melbourne!

Besides a chicken sandwich incident, we all successfully made it through customs and I was pleasantly surprised with how welcoming and nice all of the airport workers were during the screening processes. Before leaving the airport, I noticed this change in culture from the US. In past global trips, I noticed the intensity that comes with different culture experiences, but this experience in Australia was extremely welcoming and straightforward. Everyone was willing to help a “mate” out through the process.

After we landed in Melbourne we collected our luggage and headed out for the bus to get to the Adina Apartment. We were all thrilled to see that they drive on the opposite ride of the road and couldn’t wait to get to the apartments! The travel to Australia was a very great experience so far. I have enjoyed learning about the different travel processes and can’t wait to see more while in Australia!

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