Australians really love their footy…

Our first company visit, KPMG, was a rather informative and well-prepared visit. Just like I noticed in my first blog post, the people here were extremely helpful and informative. Although I am not overly interested in the area of data analytics, our hosts did a great job of portraying how useful their work can be in this area. They showed how helpful technology and automation can be for organizations across a wide variety of industries.

IBM was another very successful company visit for a few different reasons. Our hosts were once again very kind and informative. It was also interesting to hear how strictly business students (and even a liberal arts student) have found success in such a technologically advanced corporation. My main takeaway from this visit was that a passion for continuous learning and always wanting to expand your skill-set can be crucial for your success.

The U.S. consulate was far more informative and interesting than I initially expected. Prior to this tour, I was not really sure what the true “mission” of a consulate or embassy was. Our gracious hosts were very good sources of information regarding America’s goals in Australia and the world as a whole. It was very interesting to hear about the diverse career paths of the Americans currently stationed here in Melbourne.

Our scavenger hunt and coffee roasting tour just further exemplified the kind and easy-going manner of the Australians. On several occasions, locals went out of their way to assist us even without us asking. It was also very cool to see the various hidden bars, stadiums, monuments, etc. that were a part of the scavenger hunt.

Finally, the Phillip Island tour was an enjoyable introduction to some of the unique wildlife that exists in Australia. We were able to interact with grey kangaroos, wallabies, emus, penguins, koalas, and several other animals.

Some random thoughts:

  • Met several Australians that were very fond of Americans which I found strange because I thought that many foreign countries had negative ideas about Americans in general

  • There seems to be a lack of garbage cans nearly everywhere I go (at least compared to the U.S.)

  • Australians really love their footy… The AFL game we went to was a great cultural experience and the sport itself is also very interesting

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