One of the greatest experiences of my life

If the rest of this trip provides us with as many amazing experiences and opportunities as Melbourne has then this trip will definitely go down as one of the greatest experiences of my life.

On our first evening here, we visited the Carlton Brewery and got a very informational tour of the facilities; I was truly amazed by how much they are able to output each day. The next day we spent our morning and afternoon touring KPMG and IBM. It’s one thing to learn about business practices in class but being able to actually see them in practice truly helped me to understand them on another level and develop some idea of which aspects of a business I would like to involve myself in in the future.

I spent my Saturday on the Great Ocean Road tour. We were able to see some amazing views as well as some wildlife on the way; our tour guide was full of fun facts to keep us entertained on our journey.

Culturally there are many similarities between Australia and America but with that being said, there are a few key differences regarding how people interact with each other and just the general morale. I feel that, in general, people living here in Melbourne are much more content with their lives than many Americans. Many Australians are happy to just make conversation in public, and truly enjoy and appreciate these every day interactions.

To me, it seems that many people here assume you are a good person until proven differently where in America, people often assume you’re up to no good unless they are proven differently. People truly understand the benefit of interacting with others here and therefore take any opportunity they get to speak with others and learn from these interactions. The more point of views an individual is aware of, the more likely it is that they will have an outlook on life that will benefit those around them.

I feel that I have already had many interactions with the people living here that will benefit myself, and in turn, the people around me

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