The people here are much more relaxed than in the US...

My overall impression of Melbourne is it is a very laid back city, and it’s a mix of everything. One night I was exploring hidden bars, another I was eating authentic Chinese food in Chinatown, and another I went to St Kilda. Melbourne is similar to NY city in many ways, but I think it’s better.

Culture of Melbourne In the city, I’ve noticed most people have a laid back attitude. At IBM and KPMG, they are removing traditional office spaces and replacing them with open workspaces. This is a lot different from Stanley Black and Decker, which still uses cubicles. Work from home is also popular, so Australians don’t even need to go into the office to work. I’ve also noticed more subtle things, like people rarely honk at other cars, and they all follow the driving laws. People also don’t j walk much, and actually wait for the crosswalk lights. The people here are much more relaxed than in the US. Melbourne is also an expanding city, with many cranes building skyscrapers. It’s also very clean here, way better than NYC.


In Melbourne, it’s much more diverse than Potsdam. From the activities, people, food, places, there’s a mix of everything. There’s people from all over the world here, so it’s hard not find a variety of things. I focused on food this trip, and have been to several cafes and Chinatown. The local cafes are cool, each serving coffee and a mix of other breakfast foods. Australians really love their coffee, and there’s at least 10 different ways to order it on every menu, like long black, short black, long white, mocha and more. At DiBella Coffee Roasters, we learned about the coffee roasting process and got to try some coffee. The next night, I went exploring Chinatown, and that place was crazy. There were hundreds of authentic Chinese food restaurants, not the American Chinese food. I didn’t see General Tso's Chicken on any menus. At one place, I tried Wagyu beef, and it was fantastic. Chinatown was a great way to see a part of a city that I have not been to before, and to try all new foods.

Tours We also did a few tours while in Melbourne. I went on the Philip island penguin parade. The best parts of that trip were the ocean views leading up to Philip island and feeding the kangaroo. It was cool to have a thing hop over to you then eat stuff from your hand, it’s like a dog but cooler. This was a good way to get outside the city and explore. I liked seeing the ocean views, the water was much more blue than in CT. If only we could have gone swimming.

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