A busy few days in Cairns...

The day that locals believed was one of the coldest days of the year provided us with some of the most beautiful weather that we have seen since last summer. The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous and the experiences have paralleled that.

Our first tour in Cairns was to the Great Barrier Reef. While the boat ride out to the reef was a bit of an issue for me, any amount of sea sickness would have been worth the awe-inspiring sights at the reef. I chose to upgrade from snorkeling to scuba diving and I was so enthralled with the experience the first time that I decided to go for a second dive at the next stop. While I have snorkeled at a reef before, this provided me with the opportunity to see the most beautiful reef in the world from a completely different point of view; I’ve seen pictures of the fish at the Great Barrier Reef, but seeing their vivid neon coloring in person was amazing.

The next day myself and three others decided to make a trip to Crystal Cascades, a waterfall/ swimming hole about 10 miles out from our hotel. The waterfalls were beautiful and this also served as a great opportunity to see a bit of Cairns outside of the city. While I’m sure the locals have gotten used to the view of the mountains surrounding us I’ll still never get tired of looking at the beautiful views that the mountains provide.

Our trip to the Aboriginal village was extremely eye opening; I had no idea that the tribes were still as active as they were. The Aboriginals had an extremely large impact not only on the continent of Australia but on the world as a whole. It’s truly saddening how these people have been treated and I really hope that Australians will be able to accept these people as equal members of their society soon.

So far, there have been many similarities between my interactions with locals in Melbourne and my interactions with the locals in Cairns. People are extremely pleasant to interact with and truly look to benefit from our interactions. If anything, I feel that the people here are a little more laid back due to the touristy culture that cairns has to offer. I can’t wait to see what Sydney has to offer!

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