On Friday, we headed to the airport as we prepared for our next adventure to Sydney! We arrived in Sydney in the late afternoon and settled into our hotel. The hotels in each city have provided us with huge rooms and great space to hangout with each other. We unpacked and relaxed and later met Ormsbee downstairs to head to the first night of the Vivid Lights Festival. One of coolest things about Sydney is that there are various ways to get around. That night we took a ferry to get to Vivid, and then used the train station later to get home. It’s also within walking distance as well! Vivid was gorgeous as the whole city was lit up with colorful lights. We spent the night walking around looking at all the different lights and then had dinner in the harbor. With so many different cultures all within one city, there are so many types of food to choose from. We settled on an Italian restaurant and enjoyed dinner near the water under the lights.

On Saturday, we toured the Olympic Stadium. Although I expected it to be quite large, it was so much bigger in person than I ever could have imagined. The stadium can fit over 80,000 people and at the time of the Olympics, it held over 100,000. We also got to explore the exclusive and elite parts of the stadium that are available to members who pay exorbitant fees. After the tour, we began another famous Ormsbee scavenger hunt. This one was even better than the last one! We traveled for 5 hours in many directions and walked over 10 miles. The best part about doing the scavenger hunts is that it forces us to explore areas we may not have found otherwise. My personal favorite was a massive playground located in town with ropes courses, fountains and so much more. I’ve never seen any public areas like that back in the U.S.

Sunday was the best day so far! We climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge. As we waited for our turn to bundle up and head out onto the bridge, I began to get more and more nervous. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn’t scared at all once we were out there and the view was absolutely incredible. After climbing over 1,000 stairs and ladder steps, we were exhausted and ready for lunch. Quin and I ate lunch at The Fortune of War, which is famous for being the oldest pub in Sydney. We then spent the rest of the day walking around the markets full of art and jewelry for sale. We finished the evening back at Vivid, once again taking in all the dazzling lights.

Monday and Tuesday gave us the opportunity to tour the Chamber of Commerce, Sydney Opera House, Employment Innovations and Cochlear. As we have already seen with the other businesses in Australia, once again we discovered a very laid back attitude in the workplace. Our speaker at the Chamber of Commerce stressed that Australians have a different work culture than anywhere else and therefore expect different types of leaders than you would typically find. If an Australian isn’t happy with their work environment, they’ll leave, simple as that. I think it would be a great first hand experience to actually work in Australia and live that culture.

As today comes to an end, we only have one day left in Australia. This trip has flown by so quickly, but it truly has been the trip of a lifetime. We have squeezed so many company visits and adventures into our trip. I’m looking forward to making our last day count!

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