Sydney was by far the most beautiful and active city we visited on this trip...

Sydney was by far the most beautiful and active city we visited on this trip. The congestion of people in this city is pretty similar to NYC, with a couple differences including: the people are a lot more respectable, the public transport is far more organized and comfortable, and the biggest difference being the cleanliness of the city. Even though you have to walk about 5 minutes to find the nearest trash cans, the city has almost zero waste lying around, which is incredible.

When first arriving in this city, I was surprised by the geographical size of the city and all of its surrounding counterparts. Another thing that was surprising, was the size of the buildings and the amount of detail and effort that must’ve been put into building them. In the first couple of hours being here Ryan Cass and I went out into the city and explored Hyde Park. When doing this, we discovered a St. Mary’s Cathedral, which was such an extraordinary display of architecture.

My overall impression of the hotels were great. The hotels we stayed in were good sizes, with pretty views, and good service. As pertaining to the food, it was hit or miss a lot of the time, which is similar to the US. One thing that was different was the names of certain foods and drinks tended to be different. One of my favorite parts of Australia is how willing people are to talk to you. You can walk up to almost any person and they will be more than glad to carry out a conversation with you.

The company visits in Sydney were probably some of the best company visits we had. When visiting the ANZ Olympic Stadium, my favorite part was imitating running out of the tunnel onto the field. Also, it was extremely cool learning about the shifting stadium seats. When visiting the American Chamber of Commerce and Employment Innovations, I got to ask some cool questions in order to gain knowledge and learn about some cultural differences in the business world. When visiting the Sydney Opera House, we got to see one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and learn about all of the cool facts. Also, got to watch Ice Cube sound check which was awesome. When on my group’s scavenger hunt, we got to see even more incredible buildings and monuments. Also, got to pop into a Tesla store which is my dream car.

Overall Sydney was a beautiful city with more than enough activities to do, in order to keep us busy. This city was a lot more active than Cairns and Melbourne and it is pretty hard to beat the vacation vibe in Cairns, but I would still consider this one of the top cities on this trip. The views on this trip were just incredible and I enjoyed every minute of being in Australia. If I ever get the chance to visit this country again I will be here as soon as I can. Thank you for everything Australia! Until next time!

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