We haven’t even left Sydney and I already miss it...

Sydney has been the most exciting and energetic part of the entire trip, in my opinion. They have it all- sports, entertainment, business, night life, the ocean, and wonderful culture. Not to mention, the city itself is beautiful. It may not be surrounded by a tropical rainforest or clean as Melbourne, but it makes up for it in so many other ways.

The first is the architecture. Sydney is the undisputed icon of architecture in Australia, and possibly the world. The famous Opera House sits right across from the tallest steel arch bridge in the world, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour both, or climb in the case of the bridge, and they were experiences that I will never forget. I’ll spare this post of all the facts I now know about these marvels of engineering. But, I can say without a doubt that their designs are nothing short of pure genius.

Thanks to some great planning, we came into Sydney the opening night of the Vivid Light Festival.

Right after dropping off our things at the hotel, we were able to catch a ferry to the Opera House. It is a unique experience taking the ferry right along the busiest parts of the city, and the views make for a great ride.

I was exhausted, but that didn’t matter the second we got to the Opera house. No picture or video I took can do this festival justice, and I could write pages trying to put it into words. All I can say is that it is incredible to see artists work closely with the city to deliver something beautiful for the world to enjoy. I think it’s something everyone should try to see at least once in their life.

The next morning was the ANZ Stadium tour. The stadium is massive, and its flexible design suits well for multiple sports and concerts to be played on its field. The stadium has moveable seating to adjust for optimal viewing, computer-controlled grass maintenance, rainwater storage, custom company suites, and multiple levels of membership that offer a huge stream of revenue consistently.

ANZ is state of the art, built by private contractors to impress the world in the 2000 Olympics and the only Olympic stadium to turn a profit on building price. It is easy to see why the stadium is frequented by some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, and I will have to come back to see it in action one day.

Then there was the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Being terrified of heights, this one started out a struggle. Another 440 feet, a few ladders, and over a thousand stairs later we reached the Sydney skyline.

I ended this day by visiting the Taronga Zoo, where I saw my first ever platypus, ostrich, and kangaroo up close and personal.

Today, we had two company visits. We had a great discussion with Ben Thompson about his three companies Employment Hero, Power2Motivate, and Employment Innovations. It was like a TedTalk, he was brilliant. We covered a lot, but I liked his answer to my question about creating a successful business model. He put it simply, that you just need to find your place along the flow of money. If you can find a niche area that solves a problem for somebody, you will have a successful business. The tricky part is just finding something you are passionate about, the rest comes almost naturally as a byproduct.

I was equally blown away by Cochlear. They developed an implant that basically cures deafness, which is incredible. By using an extremely small, shell-shaped electrode, they can send electrical signals to the cochlea with an external microphone. The design of the implant is revolutionary, and something that many medical professionals said was impossible. The manufacturing of the implant is very controlled and high-tech. Most of the process is done by hand, because all the components are so small and specialized. They have level-7 sanitation clearance just to enter the manufacturing rooms. In these rooms, roughly 40 employees covered head to toe in gowns work on microscopes to put the implant together, quality testing at every step of the way. They make devices at a 99% success rate, which by hand is very impressive. I can’t wait to see what the future of automation and supply chain can bring to this industry to improve the world.

We haven’t even left Sydney and I already miss it.

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