35 hours of travel...

35 hours of traveling, thats how long it took to get to Cairns, Australia. 4 Airports and three flights later we got to Australia. It was tough traveling but it was all worth whe we got to Cairns. The atmosphere, here reminds me of Florida mostly because of the humidity.

The first day here we got to the hotel and we needed to walk after sitting on the plane for so long, so we went out to the boardwalk and started walking to stretch the legs. The thing that caught our eyes the most was an crocodile sign next to a playground! That night we went and walked through the night market. Thomas and I tried to bargain and get a lower price on a gift he bought but they were not budging on the price.

On the next day we went to visit the Tjapukai Aboriginal Center and learned a lot about their culture. It was such an amazing experience, what really interested me was how the Tjapukai put nature before everything else. Their God is a snake who created the land and separates the seasons. This is really cool to me because they understand the importance of nature and how overhunting, or getting rid of one species can disrupt the ecosystem. My favorite part of the day was the weapons display where we practiced throwing spears, and boomerangs! This was very fun even though I sucked at throwing both.

After the aboriginal village we went to the biodome where we saw several different kinds of animal species native to Australia. My favorite exhibit was the crocodile one, that one was almost 15 feet which is bigger than a 1500 full size truck!

My most favorite part of Cairns was going to the Great Barrier Reef though! It was such an amazing once in a lifetime experience that I will remember forever. Being able to see all the different wildlife and how the reef is just one big living organism made up of millions of tiny organisms amazes me. The reef is able to stop cyclones, and storms from coming in full force into Cairns, which is why it is called the Great Barrier Reef!

I love Cairns and really wish I could stay longer than three days, I feel like there is so much more things we can do here. I do understand that we must move on and discover other things but Cairns by far might be my favorite place we visit in Australia! This beats going to Southeast Asia any day, especially because Floyd is the chaperone for the trip!

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