A small child filled flight...

After a less than peaceful, small child-filled flight from Cairns we found ourselves in the vibrant city of Melbourne. The bustling city instantly brought us to life from the draining flight we had just been on. I found myself in awe gazing at the intricate architecture that makes up the city’s beautiful skyline.

Melbourne itself is a very clean city, which is a bit surprising as it is home to somewhere around 4.4 million people in a very condensed urban area. Along with an impeccably clean city, the people of Melbourne are genuinely nice. Collectively, I cannot say we have not run across an impolite or upset person in our time here. Thus far we have had the opportunity to tour KPMG and Phillip Island.

The business visit to KPMG was an absolutely mind blowing experience. We were able to see how they integrated data analytics in to multiple sectors including tax, audit, and utilities. The analytics program they ran for a water company in Melbourne optimized the firm’s maintenance schedules and overall performance. The employees of KPMG did a great engaging the group through an interactive app development activity.

Collectively, we benefited from being able to ask an array of questions to the KPMG employees. They readily answered our questions and truly provided us with a great experience. The Phillip Island tour was also an incredible experience for our group. We began the trip with an awesome drive through the outback with a stop at a petting zoo. Unsurprisingly, Kangaroos are very softly furred animals.

Following this, we went to Phillips island and saw the beautiful beach where the 2018 Rip Curl Surfing World Championship was held. The surfers there absolutely shredded waves while watched in awe. After a quick lunch watching the surfers, we got to drive the Australian Grand Prix track on the island.

Even though the girls absolutely smoked us in the race, we had an awesome time. We also had an opportunity to see Nobby’s Blow Hole. The blow hole was a beautiful cave on the coast of the island that had waves enter into it and would spit back out some of the water that shot in to it. We intently watched this cycle for a while the sun began to set.

Once the darkness began to set in we went to the beach and watched penguins stumble into their humble abodes (burrows) in the side of the bluffs on the beach. The little two pound penguins gave us quite the show as they waddled around. These activities combined provided for an absolutely incredible two days. I have had a great time in Melbourne thus far and am excited to see what the rest of the week has to hold! Until next time mate.

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