Kangaroos, Koalas, Pelicans and Dingos

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the most beautiful city in the world, if you ask someone from Melbourne that is. The second leg of our trip began this past Saturday after arriving in Melbourne in the afternoon. After checking in and getting some rest we were off to the Charles Dickson’s Tavern for our second reception of the trip. There was a round of good food and drinks with some great people. After spending some considerable time chatting and talking some of us went and walked around the city exploring. Even though it’s a city it has this comfortable feeling to it, something many of the cities in the states do not have. Throughout the entire trip the people have been friendly and inviting and that is no different in a place such as this.

The following day we hopped on a bus at 9:15am and headed off to the Phillip Islands. We were greeted by our bus driver Todd who quickly accepted our quirky personalities and became one of us. First on the list of events for the day was a stop at a wildlife animal center. This is the place we got to get up close and personal with many of the ingenious animals of Australia. Some of the highlights include a massive pen full of kangaroos which we got to pet.

After the wildlife center we hopped back on the bus and continued our way onwards to the Phillip islands. Right before the bridge to cross over the islands Todd suddenly pulled over into a park and told us to go look at the pelicans being fed. Sure enough, a massive group of pelicans were all gathered being fed by a park ranger as she talked about the birds.

After watching the pelicans be fed we continued our way across the bridge and onto the Phillip Islands. We stopped for lunch on the way there at a beautiful beach which large waves crashing down onto golden sand. After lunch we had an hour to kill so we decided to check out the Phillip Island grand prix track which led to us go karting on a scale model of the track. Not only was it a good way to pass the time but it was also a blast!

Continuing our travels, we made our way to an information center on one of the cliffs of the islands. Here we took a wonderful walk on the side of the cliff across a boardwalk to see great views and a glimpse of what was to come tonight during the penguin parade. Our last destination of the night was a beachline with grand stands built into the side of it. Here we sat for two hours as hundreds of little penguins marched their way across the beach to make it to their homes in the cliff sides.

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