Melbourne – First Impressions

The trip to Melbourne from Cairns seemed like a breeze having just came off of a 24-hour day of traveling. The city is awesome to see from an aerial view. Having only been to two other cities in my life, the size and infrastructure that the city boasts is very impressive to me and had my attention until the airplane landed.

The first night in Melbourne we had a group reception at the Charles Dickens Tavern where we had appetizers and cocktails. The group then dispersed and went separate ways. The group I was with decided to venture through the city and explore. Melbourne has so many cool little shops tucked in its streets and alleys. We explored through as many as we could and decided to call it a night.

The next day was our Phillip Island tour. We boarded our bus around 9 am and got comfortable very quickly as our tour guide, Todd, was very sociable and entertaining. We drove about an hour and a half out of Melbourne until we reached Phillip Island.

Our first stop on out tour was at a sort of “petting zoo” on Phillip Island. Here we got to see the majority of the popular Australian wildlife for the first time on the trip. Some of the animals we were able to see and even bet were koalas, kangaroos (pictured above), wombats, digos, emus, and wallabies among other things. This was cool experience and a great way to kick off the tour.

Our next stop on the trip was at a beach on Phillip Island where we stopped for lunch. We all enjoyed sandwiches and pastries for about 45 minutes on the beach before taking off tour next stop. A picture can be seen below.

We had about two hours to kill before heading to the nobbies, so we decided to go go-karting at the Phillip Island Grand Prix course. We paid for Todd to go-kart with us and we all enjoyed some laps around the track with an awesome ocean view. Below is a picture with the course in the background.

After going to the Grand Prix, we headed to the Phillip Island nobbies. The nobbies boasted some fantastic views. We were also able to see some great wildlife while there. We saw wallabies and penguins in their dens. A picture of the nobbies can be seen on the next page.

After the nobbies, we finally headed to the penguin parade location. The parade didn’t start until after sunset but was a cool experience. The penguins are small and shy, but very cute and fun to watch move around. In all, the experience was worthwhile.

The next day we visited KPMG. The company visit was awesome. KPMG’s facilities were outstanding, and their presentation was engaging and relevant. The company soared up on my list of companies I would apply to after visiting.

We finished the day with a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt brought us around the city with the objective of finding four locations in Melbourne given clues. The hunt took roughly an hour and a half for my team and ended at an island bar in the middle of the Yarra River. Overall, it has been a great first few days in Melbourne.

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