Our first night here was amazing

Arriving in Melbourne you could tell the atmosphere was so much more different from Cairns. Melbourne is a much larger city so it had that vibe, as well as Melbourne seemed more business oriented here rather than a touristy city like Cairns. Our first night here was amazing, we went to a tavern and got some drinks as well as ate some really good appetizers and enjoying the footy game with everyone on the trip.

My second day in Melbourne was by far my most favorite day! On the second day we went to Phillip Island , our tour driver Todd made the trip so much more memorable than if he was not our driver. Who knew sitting in a bus the majority of the day could be so fun! We started by going to a wildlife farm where they had kangaroos, dingoes, and many more animals. I felt bad for the kangaroos, but they seemed to like how much food they were getting so I guess it was okay.

Then we went to a beach to eat lunch, the view was so amazing, I can not think of a better place to have lunch! After lunch we went to the Phillip Island Circuit and we drove go karts! I have never done that before so I had such an amazing time! Then we went to Nabies, which was a beautiful boardwalk place where we all could get some awesome pictures of the beach and the waves crashing on rocks. We then went to go watch the penguins march up the beach, I really enjoyed it, but I was expecting more penguins than I saw there, but they were cute so I had fun!

To wrap up such an awesome day we went and got some awesome pizzas at a pizzeria, it was not the best pizza out there but it was good, they loaded the toppings up which is a big change from american pizza. On the third day we were able to go to KPMG, which was amazing as well. Not only did they give us a free notebook and food, they also made the whole thing very interacting for us. It was not just a boring company visit, they engaged us and made us really think which was my favorite part. The other thing I enjoyed very much was the Interface they had with a water company, it showed them real time data on which pumps were broken, or what the probability of them being broken in the near future was. This is amazing and was also one of my favorite parts of the visit.

Overall I am really enjoying Melbourne, almost as much as Cairns, but it has not surpassed it yet! Maybe after tonight's scavenger hunt my mind will be changed, but we will see!

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