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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Day 7 wow a week flew by! This was the busiest day of the trip so far. Day started off very early at the US Consulate where we were able to talk with a political and financial officer mostly. We learned there’s five different departments within the consulate and the roles of each one. We also were informed that the younger generations don’t care as much about the alliance between the United States and Australia which could potentially be harmful in the future.

We continued our morning with a visit at IBM. The visit started off with a tour of two floors of the office, during this tour we were told about the general run down of the company and how the company is run. This company visit was a little different than the other one. First, two of IBM employees explained their background, what they do and how they got to where they are. Then we took an interactive quiz to see what knowledge we have on IBM and to learn about the company. The visit wrapped with a very intelligent man explaining his journey that got him to where he is today. It was mind blowing how much this man has done and the things he has done. Strive to be like that one day.

From there we headed to lunch with a Clarkson alumni, Mark Collard who happens to be Clarkson’s first Australian MBA alumni. He plays games for a living. Not only is he a public speaker but also an experiential/outdoor trainer. He invents ice breaker games to get crowds interacting with each other and also to get them warmed up for a talk or whatever they may be at. A few of us had the opportunity to play two of the games and only playing for a few seconds it was incredible the difference they made.


The day was still not over - next we were off to Victoria Roasting Warehouse where we were shown a roasting and brewing demo. Americans are used to quick coffee, coffee that doesn’t entail a lot of work. Being a non-coffee drinker, this didn’t have an interest for me. But it was ever interesting to be shown the complete roasting process from start to finish and the amount of accuracy it takes when it comes to temperatures and opening vents etc.

Our final destination for this already crazy busy day was the best part of the day, the Carlton United Breweries. Here we were given a tour of the facility and taught about the whole brewing process from start to packaging. I have done a few brewery tours so the process of making beer I knew but it was interesting to see how each brewery is slightly different in some ways. Then came the fun part, beer tasting we were able to try six of their more popular products. I really enjoyed all of them minus one, reminded me of coffee… yuck. Our tour guide was also amazing which made the whole experience that much better.

Day 7 was a very long day but was nice that day 8 was a free day so we could catch up on some sleep. That takes us to day 8 which I just said was a free day. I have a friend that studied abroad at Clarkson who lives just outside Melbourne I used this day to explore the city with her. Three other members of the group also tagged along. We started off by getting lunch at Grilled. Let me tell you, they had the best burgers ever. The quality of the whole thing made it a mouth-watering experience.

From lunch we wondered around a little visiting the state library before hopping on the tram and headed down to the Docklands where we went to Artvo.

Artvo is an art gallery that’s all illusions images you can take pictures with. It was awesome and would highly recommend it. After, here we hopped back on the tram and headed out to find graffiti ally which was also another mind-blowing place. The talent people have is incredible.

After, a long day of walking the city we met back up with the group to do the Old Melbourne Gaol tour. We thought we were doing the ghost tour, ended up being the hangman tour. Not going to lie it was a little creepy of a tour. Being in the Gaol in the dark just gave you this weird feeling that’s hard to explain. But once again out tour guide was awesome and made the experience so much better.

Overall, the five days spent in Melbourne were incredible. But at the same time, I am ready for a change. Ready to head to our final destination Sydney. This trip is flying by, I’m having the time of my life and how close the group has become just makes the trip that much more enjoyable.

Well we are off to Sydney, see you there!!

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