Wow!! A busy couple of days... again!!

Wow! We hit the ground running here in Sydney.. Sorry for the delay in posts - we have been on the run! Here is the quick review - we will post student posts as we get time...

Thursday - we departed Melbourne in the morning and arrived here in Sydney around 12:30 p.m. Our van was waiting for us and took us right to the hotel... The hotel is located in an awesome location - right in the heart of the CBD (Central Business District)... minutes from the train station, Darling Harbour, George Street (the main street in the CBD). We quickly got checked in and everyone scattered to begin exploring, buy groceries, and grab some lunch.

We met back at the hotel at around 6 p.m. to make our way down to the harbour to embark on our dinner cruise. This was an awesome "gastronomy" experience - cocktail hour with very nice hors d'oeuvre - prawns, and Salmon tar tar tartlets as we cruised around the harbour under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and past the Sydney Opera House. We were served 8 courses in total including Kangaroo Tenderloins, prawns, and salads along with a gourmet dessert.

We were so pleased to have the head waitress stop us on our way off the boat to compliment how mature the students were throughout the cruise... she jokingly commented that when they heard they had a group of American uni students, they didn't know what to expect!!

Friday morning had us touring the ANZ Olympic Stadium. Our tour guides Judy and Lyn have been our hosts on this tour every time we have done it (this was my 13th tour!). This is an amazing facility....

We asked if there were any games scheduled this week and we learned that Russell Crowe's rugby team, The Rabbitohs were playing Lyn and Judy's favorite team, The Tigers last night (Saturday). We were pleasantly surprised with complimentary tickets to the game when we finished our tour!! Thank you again Lyn and Judy for arranging that!!

After the tour, the students completed their scavenger hunt and did an awesome job of finding each of their locations. Their task was to take a group photo at each location and to create a store to tie each picture and location together. The students did an awesome job!!

We planned to meet for dinner on Darling Harbour, but unfortunately the venue I reserved was over run due to the start of the Vivid Light Festival. So we regrouped and headed to "Cheers!" (yes, the same chain from the TV series!) where we were able to get seating and a great dinner.

Saturday morning had us climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge! It was an amazing experience and our climb leaders were outstanding! Immediately after the climb, our climb leaders took us to "The Australian Hotel" - one of Sydney's oldest pubs and restaurants - for a pizza lunch and trivia! They did an awesome job and made the day a truly memorable experience for the students...

Today is a free day - I heard rumors that some students were going tuna fishing, others to the beach and others to the weekend market. Stay tuned for student posts!

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